Internet Advertising

internet advertisingOld advertising methods don't bring in the business like they use to. Print advertising in newspapers & magazine ads are outdated and over priced. Today the advertising market has expanded to the internet. To keep up with the competitive edge & maintain business sales, traditional advertisers are joining the online world. This is to ensure they meet their current goals by focusing on the web as a large audience.


The Importance of Keywords & Keyphrases

The modern advertising method is mostly reliant on keywords & keyphrases. When an online user is looking for a particular product or service, they will type in a specific keyword or keyphrase into a search engine (ie. Google). A business must predict what a consumer would type in order to find what they are shopping for.

It is very important to understand popular internet search trends to create an online marketing campaign that works. This depends on the local or global audience for your business and market demand. Take the time to extensively research effective strategies used by industry leaders, to direct the advertising approach for your business. When this is done properly, internet advertising will target potential customers who have an interest directly in your niche.


Paid or Organic Search Results?

There are two main types of internet search methods - Paid Ad Placements
& Organic Search Results
. Both paid and organic results appear when the end user types in any keyword or keyphrase.

A Paid Ad Placement is when you pay for different ads on search engines and social platforms like Google, Facebook, Bing, YouTube etc. Google Adwords has proven to be the most popular platform used today. Paid campaigns allow you to bid for important keywords & keyphrases to display your ad. The ads are usually placed at the top of the search engine page, or on the sidebar, featured with a colour background to stand out. Pay Per Click campaigns offer text, image, video, map and more advertising methods. Your ads can be updated instantly to display different slogans, promotions or images to attract your audience.

Organic Results are displayed in the middle of the search engine page, and even though they rarely change, they are the most viewed results. Natural search results are more likely to be clicked on and treated with respect, accounting for about 80% of the search phrases that are clicked on. For the majority of people, the best option is advertising with organic search rankings. With the organic results, the search engine will display the web pages title, as well as a snippet (Meta Description) from the page or the website. Organic search results link directly to the website's homepage, or a subpage specially optimized for that keyword or keyphrase. You do not pay everytime someone clicks on organic search results.

Both ways have advantages - your website can be placed at the top of the page with paid ads. When SEO is done properly and a website comes up in natural search results, it gives the website an image of importance. Anybody can buy an ad and be placed at the top - ask yourself what advertising method is best for you?


Internet Advertising Methods

internet advertising methods

Viral Marketing - Social Media
is still the "new" trend, so why not use this to your advantage. Advertise on social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, online forums, blogs and many more.

Link Building - You may also get free links from other websites and link to useful websites. Link building is a significant aspect of internet marketing but always remember it is about quality and not quantity. The search engines will reward you more for having a few quality links rather then a lot of links with low quality content.

Advertising On Other Websites - You can also pay to advertise on information based websites for a set amount and a set period of time. This can be pricey and sometimes the websites cannot provide a clear return on investment. If the webpage that your ad is placed on gets low traffic, then only a few people may see your advertisement.

Email Advertising - Spam filters may block your ads from being read. It can be effective depending on the mailing list and your product or service.

Paid Promotion - Selling services or products on Ebay, Amazon, Etsy or other business-to-consumer type websites.

In order to advertise efficiently, it is best to work with a web company who specializes in SEO that can develop websites that are coded properly & know how to research and analyze competitors. If you want your online advertising campaign to bring results, then you need a reliable SEO strategy to maximize your online presence. SEO Web First will treat your ad like it is our own. Our experienced team will help you grow your business. We have the knowledge to produce a higher flow of traffic from all major search engines, by incorporating new strategies such as social media networking to help you increase sales leads.

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